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An unmatched baseball resource, the Parents & Coaches Clipboard offers baseball tips, hints and advice to help you as both a parent and a coach. This interactive monthly newsletter features video, articles and other great content from Hall of Famer Cal Ripken, Jr. and his brother, 12-year major league veteran, Bill Ripken.

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Communication Tools:

  • Team Website (available by logging into website and selecting team):
    • Coach Tools -> Print Roster: will download a 'Coach Roster' that shows all player contact info including medical notes. Print this and keep it on your clipboard
    • Coach Tools -> Send E-mail: will send e-mail to the team
    • Coach Tools -> Send TXT: will send TXT messages to all mobile phone numbers that have enabled TXT messages
  • Mobile Application:
    • Messages -> Chat: will send messages to other team members who have the app installed
    • Easy Alert -> Will send e-mail and TXT messages to all team members
    • Roster -> Player: will show contact info for that player (only if account settings for player have selected 'share with team' for phone/e-mail)
  • Account Settings (these items must be configured by account owners by logging into the website with their account):
    • in order to receive TXT messages the user must select 'Mobile Phone Settings' -> 'Enable Texting' on their account settings (and follow instructions)
    • to add additional e-mail recipients the user can either add an additional e-mail address for their account (by selecting their account under 'Adults') or
    • add a an additional adult via 'add adult'
    • in order for other team-mates to be able to see contact info (e-mail/phone) from the app and/or Team Website the 'share with my team' checkbox must be selected on each piece of info (phone/e-mail) they wish to share. This information is not available to the general public, and can only be seen by other team-members (coach/assistant-coach/manager/team parent/players) after they have logged into the app or website

Useful Files:

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